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Now You Can View Our Entire Catalog of Fireworks Online!

Thank you for visiting the Rozzi Products website! Be sure to review our site to become familiar with our entire product line. You are in for an exciting visit when you view Rozzi’s fireworks online! Even if you have purchased your fireworks from us before, know that we update our product lines frequently. We will have the fireworks you want as well as some you’ve never seen or used before. Our website will help you to gauge what you need, then phone in your order for pickup at either our Loveland or Newport store.

Rozzi Fireworks have long been known as the fireworks of choice for many American public celebrations. In fact, Rozzi provides the fireworks used at the annual Cincinnati Riverfest every Labor Day weekend. The stellar show attracts over 500,000 spectators and as many as 2,500 boating parties have taken to the river just to be assured of having the best view. A highlight of the show is Rozzi’s famous Waterfall firework display off the Southbank bridge with its cascading bright lights. Plan to join us this year!

While You View Our Fireworks Online, Here are Some Fireworks Facts:

· Ever wonder how fireworks get their color? The colors result from burning different metals. Different elements produce different colors when the burn. Barium = green, Sodium = yellow and Lithium = red.
· Pyrotechnicians produce the fireworks’ sounds using different metal compounds. Aluminum and iron create those hissing and sizzling sounds that hold us in anticipation while titanium powder produces those loud bangs.
· Pyrotechnics feature but three main “ingredients” to produce the oxidation, fuel and chemical reactions known as fireworks.

Disclaimer: Fireworks regulations vary from state to state, even county to county in some states. Please be aware of your local restrictions when purchasing Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks. Thank you and be sure to light up the sky with your pyrotechnics display from Rozzi! We thank you for your patronage.