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Few Americans have yet to witness the excitement and awe of a truly inspiring aerial fireworks show. Since 1895, the Rozzi family has continued a proud tradition of producing and distributing only the finest fireworks to ever light up the night sky. We have an extensive aerial product line that includes Glory Years, Fire in the Night, Steel Panther, Rozzi’s Show Off, Timing Bomb, Beyond Infinity, Platinum Box, Cover Ops, Coconuts and Chrysanthemums, Free Frame, Heartstopper, Serpents and Dragons, Blue on Blue, Mighty Cobra, Mean Green, Stand Aside, Hit Me with Your Best Shot, Who’s That Noisy, Addicted to Rozzi, Gnarly, Rozzi’s 90, Rozzi Nightmare 16, POW Factor, Glory Year, and Adrenaline Rush.

Aerial Fireworks Facts:

Aerial fireworks displays are the highlight of many families’ Fourth of July celebrations. However, there are aerial fireworks displays, both public and private in every corner of the United States, just about year ‘round. Here are some fireworks facts to tide you over until you can attend your next exciting fireworks event!

· Did you know that blue is the most difficult fireworks color to produce? Apparently bright blue eludes fireworks technicians, even after centuries of trying! The easiest colors to create are red, green, orange and white. Who won’t appreciate the next July 4th display they view just a little bit more now that you know how hard it is to make just the right patriotic blue?!
· While the Chinese invented fireworks, Italians are world renowned for turning aerial firework displays into an art form. The leading American companies are owned by families of Italian descent, but the only name you have to know is Rozzi!

Disclaimer: Fireworks regulations vary from state to state, even county to county in some states. Please be aware of your local restrictions when purchasing Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks. Thank you and be sure to light up the sky with your pyrotechnics display from Rozzi! We thank you for your patronage. Please contact us if you have any questions!