Black Cat Rocket & Missile Fireworks

Rocket fireworks are protechnics constructed from a paper tube that is packed with gunpowder. When lit it is propelled into the air and takes flight however briefly. When rocket fireworks answer the call of gravity and fall, they continue to provide a skylit display until their fuel source is fully extinguished.

Another very popular pyrotechnic are missile fireworks. These differ from rockets as they rotate when propelled. Each provides a dramatic display. When combined, however, the results can be quite spectacular!

Did you know that fireworks are the oldest form of rocketry? The basic same concept propels NASA shuttles and creates stunning fireworks displays. And, that when first introduced in China in the second century BC, rocket fireworks had religious connotations? By the Middle Ages rockets had been adapted as weapons and in the eighteenth century, were immortalized by Francis Scott Key in our National Anthem. The “rockets’ red glare” stanza references the battle of Fort McHenry when the British lobbed rockets with a range of over four miles into the fortification.

Anatomy of Rocket Fireworks and Missile Fireworks

The good news is that today’s fireworks, while the simplest of solid rocketry are also the weakest and their sole purpose is to entertain. And that they do! They are both sonic and colorful. Here’s how that happens: The mechanics that produce these delights are located directly below the rocket’s nose-cone. Fireworks are designed to ascend, release the stars and other effects. Just as the fireworks fall to earth, it reaches maximum velocity resulting in a small explosion that produces the brilliant effects we all know and love.

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