Fountain Fireworks

Who can forget the first time they viewed fountain fireworks cascading over a bridge or seeming to melt down from the night sky! Renowned for their spectacular viewing possibilities these essential fireworks will be a highlight of any display!

Rozzi Offers a Vast Selection of Quality Fountain Fireworks

Rozzi has a long and proud family history in pyrotechnics and offers the only best and finest firework products. Rozzi has scoured the globe to bring you these exciting options: Rozzi’s Feisty Femme, that along with our All That Glitters products are part of our Buy One, Get One Free offer, Evil Stairs, Web of Poison, Flying Ants, Pyro Garden, Crustal Crush, Electro Night, Zip and Zang, Purple Storm, Shogun Festival of Fire, Black Cat Ratta Tat Tat and Shogun Bees in a Thicket fountain fireworks.

Firework Facts:

  • The ancient Chinese invented fireworks around 200 BC. However, the first known record of fireworks celebrations in Europe occurred in the 15th century in England. Due to their expense, only the Royals had access to fireworks. Soon festive displays heralded births, weddings and historic anniversaries such as Guy Fawkes day.
  • In America, the largest user of fireworks is Disney. However while gunpowder serves as a fireworks’ catalyst at most events, Disney used compressed air to launch its displays instead. 
  • Fireworks were first used by American settlers not to fill viewers with awe, but to ward off Native Americans and wildlife with their loud noise.

Disclaimer: Fireworks regulations vary from state to state, even county to county in some states. Please be aware of your local restrictions when purchasing Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks. Thank you and be sure to light up the sky with your pyrotechnics display from Rozzi! We thank you for your patronage. Please contact us if you have any questions about our fountain fireworks or any Rozzi product!