Novelty Fireworks

Rozzi Products proudly offers a great assortment of novelty fireworks that will surely be the dazzling centerpiece of your group’s, family’s or organization’s next fireworks display. From the champagne party poppers that everyone enjoyed as children to Rozzi’s great Buy One, Get One Free Novelty Assortment, Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks offers the most enjoyment as well as bang for your buck.

Rozzi’s novelty Fireworks are consumer-grade fireworks that the public may purchase. While these will have less explosive power than the professional grade lines we offer, the firecrackers, rockets, cakes (multi-shot aerial fireworks) and smoke balls are beloved by the American public.

Novelty Fireworks Facts:

Novelty fireworks have been part of the American culture since Thomas Jefferson decided they would be a great way to celebrate the founding of our new nation back in 1776. In fact, many of us think that novelty fireworks and fireworks displays are a purely American invention. Not so!

  • We have the ancient Chinese to thank for inventing fireworks around 200 AD. Early novelty fireworks used bamboo stalks set on fire. By 600 AD, the Chinese also had invented gunpowder which greatly added to their ability to produce fireworks novelties that were much louder and brighter than before!
  • The largest fireworks display to date was in 2014 in Norway when 540,383 fireworks were lit. Come on America! This is the one to beat!
  • Did you know that many public displays of national renown use Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks, Inc. exclusively, including the much-anticipated Cincinnati Riverfest? Rozzi’s dazzling display attracts over 500,000 spectators to this exhilarating, annual event.

Disclaimer: Fireworks regulations vary from state to state, even county to county in some states. Please be aware of your local restrictions when purchasing Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks. Thank you and be sure to light up the sky with your pyrotechnics display from Rozzi! We thank you for your patronage. Please contact us if you have any questions about novelty fireworks or any other Rozzi products!