Roman Candles

Everyone has heard of Roman Candles but what are they? They are traditional fireworks that ejects one or more stars from exploding shells. As you may have guessed, they originated in Italy. These popular pyrotechnics are available in a number of sizes, and Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks offers a grand selection of professional-sized candles.

How do Roman Candles Work?

These fireworks are constructed with a number of “ingredients” including a lifting charge, pyrotechnic stars, black powder and a delay charge. The device is lit from the top which is pointed skyward, away from people. The delay powder is tightly packed into the tube (“candle”) so once it is ignited, flame cannot penetrate this barrier. The purpose, like a wax candle, is a slow burn as the flame moves down the tube. As the lift charge burns, the stars are propelled from the tube. Process is repeated as the “candle” burns down and the stars are expelled. There is no set number of stars per candle although five seems to be the industry standard. Very large professional fireworks will load comet shells instead of stars.

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