Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are not truly fireworks; they are actually hot air balloons. However they have become quite popular over the last decade as part of Fourth of July festivities, birthdays, weddings and even funeral ceremonies. Originally from Asia, the practice of setting paper sky lanterns aloft had been to signal military strategies between army troops. The practice evolved into writing well-wishes and prayers on them before launch, believing these messages would bring good luck to the intended recipient.

Sky Lanterns/Fireworks Celebrations by Rozzi

Rozzi offers our Eco-Friendly paper lanterns on a bamboo frame so these are completely bio-degradable. Through the years sky lanterns have provided many cultures with the opportunity to convey greetings. Here are some examples:

  • Asian monks have been frequent recipients of sky lanterns as some cultures believe that the monks impart knowledge and that the lanterns will guide their way.
  • In China, thousands of sky lanterns are released during festivals by children seeking good fortune.
  • In Thailand, sky lanterns are released and with them go the owner’s worries and problems.
  • In the United States, sky lanterns are principally used to celebrate weddings and also during outdoor memorial services.

How Sky Lanterns Work:

Sky lanterns are airborne paper lanterns that are constructed from oiled rice paper and bamboo. Inside these contain a small fuel cell made of a waxy flammable material. The concept is to light the lantern and hold it until the air inside the lantern is heated causing the lantern to rise into the sky. The lantern remains aloft only as long as its air supply lasts. After the flame extinguishes for lack of an air source, the lantern gently cascades back to earth.

PLEASE NOTE: Sky Lanterns are not Fireworks. Sky Lanterns should not be retro-fitted with fireworks. While there is a trend is toward setting a field of sky lanterns aloft before a fireworks display, these are intended as a pre-fireworks show entertainment only. Please contact the experts at Rozzi Famous Fireworks if you have any questions about sky lanterns or any of our other products.