Sparklers Fireworks

At one time sparklers were available for family 4th of July parties in backyards throughout the nation. Everyone has great childhood memories of holding a sparkler and watching it burn brightly. Today sparklers are used year ‘round and make a delightful addition to any wedding, birthday party or outdoor celebration.

The ancient Greeks invented the sparkler around 670 AD as a weapon. Sparklers were known as Greek Fire and were used as a scare tactic as enemy ships approached. Then as now, sparklers were hand-held and emitted colored flames, sparks and dazzling light. Today they are chiefly used in three countries, England, the U. S. and India during festivals and to accompany professional fireworks displays.

How Do Sparklers Fireworks Work?

Sparklers are metal wires that have been dipped in a thick, combustible paste that is formulated to burn slowly. There are four basic components:


    • Metallic fuel to make sparks (colors vary by the metal used)
    • Additional non-metallic fuel to slow down the speed of burn
    • An oxidizer
    • Additional colorants if desired
    • Combustible binder to hold the composition together

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