Spinner fireworks are primarily used as supplemental fireworks as these do not explode in the air. They are grounded, but some may have lift, however they do change color and still inspire awe. They offer excitement yet are very economical. Spinners are generally consumer fireworks, however many organizations favor them as well and offer them in post-baseball game firework displays and similar group activities.

Rozzi Offers Spinner Fireworks for Every Celebration

For a bright spot of attention grabbing, whirling color, Rozzi Famous Fireworks recommends our selection of spinners. We feature the Jumbo Crackling Ball which stays grounded while shooting off sparks in all directions, the exciting and unexpected Cannon FireFly which spins in circles on the ground then explodes upward with a golden crackle to startling effect. Rozzi proudly offers the Night Spy. These are spinner fireworks which begin as a silver strobe which changes color successively for a dramatic display.

For generations hundreds of organizations have turned to Rozzi Famous Fireworks to fulfill their pyrotechnic requirements. Just fill out our form for a prompt and professional response. We will be pleased to assist your group or organization to create your best fireworks display ever!